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Easy is Delicious: Fancy Goat Cheese Appetizer

Lately I've been feeling very blessed. The weather has been hovering around 75 degrees and the sun has been shining. I've had every weekend off of work and have gotten to spend that time with dear friends. Last Sunday I got together with Colleen and Rebekka and had a little picnic!

I made this delicious goat cheese appetizer. It is tangy and smooth, studded with salted, crunchy nuts and topped with sweet and spicy chutney. It's perfect way to start a tailgate, picnic or barbeque.

We dressed in our Sunday finest, including beautiful seersucker hair bows and bow ties that Colleen made (available for sale here). Then we had a little photo shoot...
I hope your fall days are as beautiful and as blessed as mine have been.

Easy and Fancy Goat Cheese Appetizer
serves ten

8oz chevre
8oz cream cheese
1/2 cup roasted, salted pistachios
9oz chutney (I used Trader Joe's Mango Ginger Chutney)
one box whole wheat crackers

Let your cheeses come to room temperature. Combine with an electric mixer. Fold in nuts. To shape cheese, line a bowl with plastic wrap and put cheese in it. Cover cheese well with plastic wrap. Refrigerate bowl for at least three hours. When you are ready to serve, turn bowl upside down and remove plastic wrap. Top with chutney and serve!

* If you are going to a tailgate and the weather is chilly, you may want to add a few Tablespoons of milk to your cheese mixture so it will be more spreadable.

*Have leftovers? Spread it on a turkey panini or crumble on a salad. YUM!


fallenmoon said...

ooo thanks for the recipe, i love quick and easy recipes. pretty pictures btw, i should do that more often, get dressed up in my finest clothes and have a get together c:

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Katie said...

your cheeseball looks like... an eyeball

HMMessinger said...

You SHOULD get dressed up in your finest and eat fine food more often- I completely agree! It makes you feel pretty fabulous :)

Galexi Cupcakes said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog.. just visiting. I poured myself a cup of coffee and read all of your recipes. And let me tell you, the Horchata ice cream and this goat cheese appetizer have done it for me. I'm a new loyal reader. Thanks for sharing such delicious recipes. Looking forward to more. Jackie

HMMessinger said...

Sorry for the tardy response. Thank you for reading and for all of your kind words!

Emily@SimplyGourmetinSouthie said...

I just found your blog through Yummly. As soon as I saw you are from Nashville I knew I would love it! I was just there in May and I cannot WAIT to get back!! Everything you make looks delicious! I can't wait to read more of your posts :)

Emily @ http://simplygourmetinsouthie.blogspot.com/

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