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Color is Delicious: Pink and Green Salad

Already I have had a long morning. At 8AM my Dad had a cardioversion, his second one this year. 

Due to complications with his last cardioversion, he has not been able to eat anything that is spicy, crunchy, acidic or salty. That rules out chips, onions, garlic, oranges, roasted nuts and even tomatoes (among many, many other things). Can you imagine? 

Last week he told me that if he ever feels "normal" again, he is going to go to the farm stand every week to buy the tangiest, freshest vegetables. 

So today, in his honor, I made a healthy salad of all the delicious things he can now eat: strong, spicy shallots, crunchy and sweet honeydew melon, tart grapefruit, buttery avocado, roasted pistachios- all tossed simply with olive oil, honey and a pinch of sea salt. I may even throw in some basil or mint before I eat it for lunch. 

Here's to feeling better


Katie said...

i am going to eat that

HMMessinger said...

You are going to eat cake when I make it for you this weekend!

Katie said...

this did not go over well for me.

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