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Beer is Delicious: Beersicles

This is a story about beer and happiness.

It's funny to think about the fact that a little over a year ago, Coy and I were overwhelmed by the number of unfamiliar beers on the menu at The Flying Saucer.  We were on our first date. I was nervous and I wanted the beer I ordered to make me look cool. The kind of beer a girl orders on a first date really says a lot about her, don't you think?

Budweiser, Coors, PBR, Miller, Keystone or even Corona definitely scream "SLUT!"

Cider of any kind, Smirnoff Ice and Blue Moon subtly imply that a girl is high maintenance.

Something heavy, yet familiar like a Guinness does suggest a certain level of coolness. However, it also suggests that the girl can fart the alphabet.

So you see the dilemma. I decided to order a Yazoo Pale Ale. To my relief, Coy did too. We were mutually impressed with one another.

It was all uphill from there. In the last year, we have spent many happy Friday nights together at the 12th South Taproom, sampling new and unique brews. We have gone to the East Nashville Beer Festival, toured the Yazoo Brewery and are planning to attend the Music City Brewer's Fest this weekend (YAY!). Last but certainly not least, Coy has started the Better Beer Project.

Last week, we celebrated one fantastic year together as well as Coy's 25th birthday. I thought about baking a cake but that didn't seem quite special enough. I found a recipe by the Homebrew Chef for "Beersicles" and I rewrote it around Yazoo Pale Ale, of course. I have to say, beersicles are pretty freaking delicious, especially during this horrible heat wave!

Yazoo Pale Ale Beersicles:
(serves four)

1 12oz bottle of Yazoo Pale Ale
1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
simple syrup to taste (I used about 4T)

Pour into molds and freeze over night. Enjoy!


Rebekka Seale said...

Oh, wow...Manley would like to join you on one of your dates. I have such a difficult time appreciating beer the same way that I do wine, but I AM trying! These popsicles look amazing!!!!!!!!! Those are definitely going to happen soon :) I do love Yazoo Pale Ale.

HMMessinger said...

If you're not a huge fan of beer I would make this same recipe with Mothership Wit and pomegranate juice. OR maybe I'll make another batch and bring a few over with your party photos next week!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

oh you're killing me. we are maybe soulmates, with all your beer is delicious posts. And Yazoo Pale? My absolute favorite beer evs.

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